Child & Family Assessments

inthewindow Every family is unique and some can be extremely complex. This can make it difficult to know how best to support the families that we work with, particularly those with multiple needs. For many organisations that work with families, they simply don’t have the time or the expertise to carry out a full family assessment to identify the needs of every family member and how best to support them.

The team at Parenting Solutions are fully trained and experienced in carrying out a range of Child & Family Assessments including Home Inventory, In My Shoes and a full set of scales and questionnaires such as Strengths & Difficulties or Recent Life Events. The assessments can be tailored to the specific needs of the family. Our team are happy to discuss any of these assessments if you have any questions. Prior to any parenting intervention, we would complete a parenting assessment to identify the most suitable support for the parent.

Our organisation also benefits from having the dedicated service of a senior child and family clinical psychologist, who is able to provide screening assessments to ensure parents are matched with the most suitable mode of delivery for their own and their children’s needs. Our clinical psychologist has experience of working with mental health difficulties in both children and their parents and can complete a range of child and family assessments pre and post intervention.

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